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How to Track If Your Sent Email Has Been Opened in Gmail using a Gmail Read Receipt

Read receipts for Gmail to help you track email opens and clicks. Use read receipts in Gmail to: See how often readers are clicking links you send out Make sure clients have received and viewed invoices Find out when people are opening your emails. Share Boomerang with your friends:. If an array of names is specified, the first non empty campaign or keyword parameter value will be selected.

It is possible to configure a forward outgoing proxy in Matomo Piwik , so that all outbound Internet connections eg. Note: when you exclude some traffic, it will only exclude it going forward and is not applied retroactively. The following keyboard shortcuts can be used to navigate the Matomo Analytics formerly Piwik Analytics user interface using your keyboard:. If you use the User Session Recording product , you can conveniently pause the video, jump a few seconds backwards or forwards, replay the video if it is finished, or play the next or previous page view for the visitor: view the keyboard shortcuts for Session Recording.

After clicking the link, enter your Matomo username or Email address, and enter your new password twice. A link to confirm your password reset will be sent to your email address. Note: for security reasons, it is not possible to recover passwords, but only change them. We highly recommend to use a strong password and to enable automatic SSL for login screen in your Matomo server. To share a dashboard with another user:. Once confirmed, the user you selected will now have access to your dashboard template and your exact set of widgets and layout.

Note that if you delete your original dashboard, it will only delete your own dashboard. The dashboards that we copied to other users will still be accessible to them. The default widgets selection is the combinations of widgets and layout which are used for all new users as their default dashboard. The following SQL query must be executed on your database. Check you are using the most up to date version of Matomo. Note that it must be replaced twice in this SQL query.

Update Matomo to the latest version as soon as possible! Sometimes it may happen that Super User access is lost. For example maybe there was only one Super User in Matomo and this person left on holiday, left the organization, or maybe even lost access to both their email account and their Matomo password.

You can grant Super User permission to a given account by following the steps below:.

Tracking Unique Users

Sometimes, there are non human bots that visit your website. These bots can have many purposes such as security scanning, performance scanning, monitoring, search engine bot, spam bot, etc. Often, you do not want these bots to be tracked in Matomo Piwik , because you may want to focus on how humans use the website, and not bots.

In this case, you can tell Matomo to exclude traffic where the User-Agent of these requests match a given string. You can also check online on devicedetector. You can enter there a list of user agents to exclude from being tracked by Matomo. Put one user agent per line. Matomo by default tracks the full IP address of all visitors to your site you can anonymize this IP if you wish.

Note: in all cases, the IP address will only be displayed if you are logged in Matomo: for privacy reasons, IP addresses are never displayed to the anonymous user.

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To display these values correctly you can use the following SQL query:. You may also be interested in: How do I select all users within a range of IP addresses? By default, report data and all information in your Matomo Piwik server are protected and nobody can access it. To view and access any analytics data, Matomo always asks you to sign in with a valid user account.

Some Matomo users may want to make their analytics data open and viewable by anyone. For example if you run a NGO, an open governmental service, an open source project, etc. By making your Matomo data and communicating that your analytics data is public, members of your community may help you analyse the data and find interesting insights to drive you to overall do better work. Before you decide to make your analytics data public, please consult with your colleagues and team members and make sure that everyone agrees with this decision. If you wish to make all analytics data publicly viewable for a particular website, follow these steps:.

Note that when an anonymous user not signed in visits your Matomo dashboard, we do our best to protect privacy and hide from display any Personally Identifiable Information PII :. It is possible to segment any analytics report and restrict the data to users who have a particular IP address, or where the IP address is within a given IP range.

For example if you want to restrict your reports to users who have an IP address matching Instead of using segments, you can also create Custom Reports. This lets you analyze and compare the data faster without having to switch between segments and you can get totally new insights into your data. There are a few cases where you need to re-process some historical data directly from the raw logs. If you set this date to a date in the past for example, 3 days ago and that Matomo has already processed the statistics reports for this date, you will not see the newly added data in Matomo.

Another example is when you create Custom Reports , or Funnels , and want to see the Custom report data and Funnel data for past dates as well. It is also useful when changing settings in the config file such as reporting more than the default rows. To tell Matomo to invalidate historical aggregated data for a website or several , a date range or for all past data , a segment or for all segments , there are 3 similar techniques you can use.

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You can use this free plugin by InnoCraft to invalidate your historical data directly within the user interface in just one click: get the InvalidateReports plugin. If you need to often invalidate historical data, this may be the easiest solution. For example if you imported data in the past for a few specific websites on a couple different dates you could write:. Your historical data will be actually re-processed the next time auto archiving will run.

Example Scenarios

The archiving will re-process the reports data for these particular dates and websites. You can also manually run the archive command with:.

Log in menu

We say the invalidation cascades up. By default, periods that are included are not invalidated invalidating month will not re-process the days and weeks within the month. By default, when a user visits only one page view during a visit, Matomo Piwik will assume that the visitor has spent 0 second on the website. This has a few consequences:. It is possible to configure Matomo so that it accurately measures the time spent on the last page of a visit. To better measure time spent on the page, follow these instructions in the JavaScript Tracking Client guide.

These links aim to help Matomo users make the most of their analytics platform, in particular help users find professional help for Matomo when they need it, as well as learning about premium functionality. If you provide Matomo to your own clients, maybe you do not want them to see the mentions for professional services. If you have tracked personal data such as the full visitor IP, you may want to anonymize this collected data , in case you do not have consent for this data or no longer have a legitimate interest learn more in the GDPR User guide. Learn more in the list of Matomo Integrations.

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If you import your server logs in Matomo Piwik , you may have noticed that in this case Matomo does not track Unique Visitors as well as when using the Javascript tracker. Note that increasing the value of this setting may have negative performance impacts on your Tracking API requests speed.

By default, when trying to match visitors using a fingerprint for example when cookies are not available , Matomo looks only in the past 30 minutes more details. We do this for performance reasons: to keep Matomo tracking fast , even if you track hundreds of thousands or millions of unique visitors per month. If you do not use Log Import but use JavaScript tracker or another client, you can still improve the tracking of unique visitors and unique devices. The search box displayed at the top of the website selector lets you search for your other websites.

It is possible to customise this and display more websites in the selector. You may have a scenario where you may want to find the list of products left in the cart by a visitor, Matomo makes it simple with Ecommerce Analytics, User ID tracking and Custom Reports. Follow our Ecommerce Analytics user guide for steps on tracking your ecommerce orders and product purchases. Learn more in the User ID user guide.

Name and describe the report as desired 4. By default, Matomo user interface may appear in English for all users who login to Matomo Analytics. Each user can choose their preferred language in their User Settings. But what if you want to change it for all users at once? You can easily change and set a new default language for the Matomo user interface. This example sets the default language to German. Here is the list of supported language codes. Matomo Piwik tries to guess visitors and unique visitors using several elaborate techniques User ID , first party UUID cookie, heuristics matching user settings , using an optional third party cookie , etc.

If several people use the same system or browser, Matomo might count them all as one visitor. If you cannot use User ID to track unique users, it is still possible to force Matomo to create a new visit for the current request whenever you require it. If you are using the Javascript tracker, you are also able to create new visits on demand. In your website in Javascript, whenever a user logs in the system or whenever there is a need to create a new visit you may write the following before the trackPageView call :.

Matomo Piwik tracks users on your websites or apps, and will group actions of a same user into a visit. Here are some rules which are applied to assign actions to visit:. See this FAQ to learn how to configure this 30 minutes delay.