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For people that simply want to transfer a few reel-to-reel tapes to disc, a reel-to-reel deck in this price range will generally fill the need. The more popular Japanese brands like Sony used a single motor for the whole mechanism, and failure of the motor, specifically with the Sony decks is relatively common at this point, and replacements are very difficult to find.

If you can handle an ugly ducking, and are only concerned about sound quality and reliability, you can get into a better deck in this manner. Akai made the series, a typically bulletproof and good sounding deck, along with other Akai models in the mid s. Sony had a few models that were more reliable three motor mechanisms Sony TC, etc , and a bunch of Teac models that were all 3 motor units.

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In this price range, typical examples of decks would be:. Decks include:. Tape handling is generally better lots of pro decks are used for archiving rare and old tapes that may break due to being brittle on lower end machines. Some examples are:.

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Note that the above lists and examples are by no means complete, they are just some guidelines on how we price decks. An AS-IS, un-serviced machine should be priced significantly less than what we have priced out here. We generally have anywhere between decks in stock, with usually about 20 or so ready for sale, the rest being in the queue, waiting to be serviced. Some of our offerings are always on eBay.

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What we do here to every deck that comes in for service or as a potential sales unit is: Clean all switches and controls with DeOxIt cleaner. Carefully check all belts, pulleys and the pinch rollers for hardening, stretching, gooiness and overall wear, and replace as required. Unless we know that the deck has recently been serviced, we usually replace the main capstan belt before even powering up the belt, as a gooey belt can instantly wrap itself around the capstan motor, and destroy the motor within seconds.

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Check takeup and supply reel tensions, especially on decks that are known to drift. Check for head wear even before taking frequency response measurements. Check frequency response from the line input to the line outputs.

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