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Answer a few short questions about yourself to get nearby car recommendations tailored just for you. Narrow your search by price, mileage, year, exterior and interior color, fuel type, transmission, body style, and more. Add specific keywords to search for must-have features. Or create a custom comparison of up to four unique vehicles. Read reviews from real shoppers, find hours of operation, and get directions to the dealership. Our deal badging considers several different factors impacting a vehicle's value, such as: condition, ownership history, popular features like Bluetooth and memory seats , along with other market factors.

All this data is used to compare similar vehicles so that we find exceptional deals for you. Set up price drop notifications to be alerted any time one of your favorite cars drops in price.

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Thank you and have a great rest of your day! I use this app daily for the past 6 years. However, on pickups the features options available are missing some very important options. First, on half ton pickups we need an option of long or short bed. For example, the f crew cab can be configured in 5. If I want to find a 6. It would also be nice to specify max trailer tow options or max payload options. These are important options and should be part of the options list. Give it a try!

When you buy a new car, you're probably faced with pages and pages of packages, trim levels, accessories, and other options that you could be added to your car. Extra features make us happy, keep us comfortable, and connected, but they don't do much for the overall value of your car. In fact, in many cases, features on a new car can depreciate quicker than the car itself. This makes used car buyers happy because they can find a used car for sale with nearly the exact features as a new car for half the price or less.

Features that depreciate at a higher rate than the vehicle itself include moonroofs, premium audio systems, rear-seat entertainments systems, third-row seating, engine upgrades, and sport packages mostly seen on luxury cars like BMW and Lexus.

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Even when buying a feature-packed car used, be sure to cross-shop it with a regularly-equipped model and see how much you value those extra features! As previously mentioned, one of the absolute worst parts about buying a new car is the high depreciation it receives the moment you take ownership and drive it off the car dealer's lot.

With new car loan terms getting longer, and buyers coming in with less and less cash, however, it becomes dangerous to buy a new car. If you were to purchase a new car with a 7-year loan with zero money down, there's absolutely no way to avoid being underwater in your loan immediately unless you make triple payments in the first year. This opens buyers up to situations in a lose-lose situation if they were to be put in a financial bind and need to sell the new car soon after purchase.

The car would simply be worth much less than anyone would be willing to pay for it, especially as a trade-in at a dealership. While new cars come with plenty of options in terms of optional features, your selection of new cars in any particular segment of vehicle is likely going to be somewhere between total. With used cars, on the other hand, you're not just dealing with the vehicles available in one particular model year, you're able to access tons of other unique models that were previously available.

You can choose anything from gently-used, heavily-used, and even classics. The world really opens up when you make the switch from new cars to used cars! But whether you end up deciding used cars are right for you or decide you'd prefer the fresh look and warranty-backed reliability of a new car , be sure to use Automall. In most states, your vehicle registration fee is based on the value of your vehicle. What this means is, the more expensive your vehicle, the higher the cost of registration. While you can still pay a high registration fee with a newer, gently-used car, most of the time new cars end up paying the higher price.

On top of depreciation, taxes, and now registration fees, you're paying the heavy price of owning a brand new car. Once all of these factors set in, it doesn't seem like too great of a deal after all. All Rights Reserved. Please wait a few moments, searching the area More Ways to Search By Deal Type. Search for Used Cars by Deal Type. Great Deals. Good Deals.

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