Teacher arrested in florida debra lafave 14

Former Teacher Debra Lafave Back on Probation for Sex with Student

Yes, and she should have served jail time in the first place. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Should Debra Lafave go back to jail. Anyway should she have to go back to jail for chatting with a 17 year old girl at work?

Debra LaFave back on probation

Re: Should Debra Lafave go back to jail. Originally Posted by herenow1. Originally Posted by aps. Where's the poll?

A Decade After A Teacher Sex Scandal: Where Is Debra LaFave Now?

I dunno. If she was hitting on the girl, definitely yes. But talking to her? So I guess yes. Re: Should Debra Lafave go back to jail No i dont think she should go to prison for talking to a 17 year old. I dont think i would have been bothered if i was that 14 year old just been checking her out.

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The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority. The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority. But a recent photo shows her sporting a very visible baby bump.

For what it's worth, the National Enquirer reported a few weeks ago that Lafave is four months pregnant and living with her fiance, Shawn Haverfield, in an attempt to move on with her life. Lafave was ordered to stay away from children after pleading guilty to having sex with a year-old boy in while she was a teacher at Greco Middle School in Temple Terrace. She was sentenced to three years of house arrest, followed by probation, but avoided prison time. Her attorney, John Fitzgibbons, argued she was too pretty to go to jail.

The book claims Lafave is still remorseful about the crimes she committed. She recently got married, and she just ignores the media. She knows it will always be there, but she focuses on her life now. At 37 years old, Lafave is still easily recognized, but Zuniga says she aims to avoid the limelight since getting married twice and having twin boys in She wants to just live her life as a wife and mom.

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According to Zuniga, her remorse had never wavered and she never made excuses for actions. Lafave has since picked up her maiden name -Beasley- and lives in Ruskin with her parents where she helps them in their business and takes care of her children.

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She can no longer be in a classroom or anywhere near minors but has since worked as a waitress in several restaurants and as a receptionist. As a registered sex offender, Beasley is required to check in with the state regularly to give her whereabouts. Close Menu Trending Read Story.

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  • Should Debra Lafave go back to jail.
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