Florida divorce and custody rights

Rotating physical custody also requires that each parent play the role of the custodial parent for six months on an annual basis.

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After the Florida child custody laws and the welfare of the child are considered, the court will look at a few other factors to help determine the type of child custody plan that will be enforced. These factors are not specific to Florida child custody laws; they are common to almost all family court systems.


When a final custody and visitation agreement is reached there are many tools that you can utilize to easily organize your parenting plan and help facilitate communication between you and your co-parent. After a divorce, you may notice that conflict between you and your co-parent is not an easy thing to manage.

After consulting an attorney about Florida child custody laws, ask about your rights and responsibilities as a co-parent after finalizing your custody agreement. Select your Language. Search Search. Learn More For Families.

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For Practitioners. Knowledge Center. This is done by not sharing any documents or electronic media that are related to the custody or divorce case with the child. The father should refrain from speaking negatively about the other parent with their child. It is important for the court to maintain continuity for the child. They must also be willing to adopt a united front on all issues that have to do with the child.


The Basics of Florida Child Custody Law

The father must also prove to the court that they are willing to keep the other parent informed on all the important activities that happen while the child is in their care. In some rare instances, when a child reaches the age of 16 years of age, the court may ask the child to state which reasonable custody arrangement they prefer — whether they want to live with their mother or their father.

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However, this will only happen if the court believes that the child has enough intelligence, experience and understanding to choose their preferred custody arrangement. By having the visitation period supervised by an evaluator, the evaluator can let the judge know what they saw as far as interaction between parent and child are concerned. Men who want to get the custody rights they deserve should be ready to discuss their situation with an experienced Florida family law attorney. This is because there is no clear-cut method that is used to determine whether a custody ruling will favor the father or the mother.

Florida laws require both parents to attend a parenting class before they get a divorce.

Florida Divorce and Fathers' Child Custody Rights - Family Diplomacy | A Collaborative Law Firm

A man who wants to get his custody rights in Florida must be willing to take part in this class. But other times, parents will not agree on some or any!


Courts in Florida are always most concerned with what is in the best interests of the child. Divorces or other such fractures in family life can take a large toll on a child. The child's home and family circumstances can have a serious effect on the child's life.

Child Custody in the State of Florida

As a result, child custody rulings are taken very seriously by the courts and many factors and circumstances are taken into account prior to making a decision. The primary factors that the court will look at to determine how to award custody are the following:. A parent needs to be prepared to give as much information as possible to the court.


This includes information on the other parent, as well. Without all the information at hand, it becomes more difficult for a court to hand out a fair custody ruling.

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  • Under appropriate circumstances, the court is free to divide up custody in whichever manner is most productive for the child. For example, if custody is divided between two parents, one parent may get the authority to make the educational and health care decisions on behalf of the child while the other parent may not be as involved with these decisions.