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If a bill passes, the new law would take effect Jan. But obstacles remain outside of the bills purview that could put them and other proposed legislation in jeopardy as numerous media outlets are reporting up the minute on bitter budget negotiations between the House and Senate that could stall the entire session.

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We will keep you posted. One of two bills we have been following that will dramatically change how Florida handles child time-sharing cases has surged this week through another House committee and has garnered a first reading. HB , sponsored by House Rep. Petersburg Republican Sen.

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Jeff Brandes, won unanimous passage from the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government last week and on April 17 was placed with the Committee on Appropriations. It is not yet on an agenda with that committee, but we will keep you posted. The bills propose to offer non-custodial parents the ability to set up standard child time-sharing plans at the time they establish making child support payments with the Florida Department of Revenue. If a bill passes, the department will be tasked with coming up with a standard child time-sharing agreement form which parents can voluntarily sign onto and bypass circuits courts and their associated fees.

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The bills are slated to take effect Jan. A companion bill in the Florida House to a Senate child-time sharing bill we have been covering extensively has passed its first committee this week. The proposed bills are similar in that they would add language to Florida law that governs the handling of child support by the Florida Department of Revenue.

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If passed, when people meet with the revenue department to set up their child support per his or her Title IV-D order, they would also be presented with an optional child visitation plan for unmarried parents. If both parents approve of entering into the voluntary plan, completing child time-sharing plans through circuit courts and its associated fees would be bypassed. In most cases — if a child is older than three and the parents live within miles of each other — the visitation plan would be for the parent who owes child support to have parenting time with the child every other weekend, one evening per week, every other Thanksgiving break, part of each winter break, every other Spring break, and two weeks during the summer.

The bills have their detractors, however, as members of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar have come out in opposition of setting up a one-size fits all formula arguing that child time-sharing decisions are unique to each child and should be addressed in the courts. In a vote, SB — sponsored by Brandon Republican Tom Lee — passed after years of controversy surrounding the issue. The bill would mandate courts presume that equal time-sharing between parents is in the best interest of the child.

And to deviate from that a judge must now submit in writing why based on a list of possible 22 criteria, 20 of which are already law and the other two added by SB. The bill would take effect October 1. John Tobia, R-Melbourne, has not seen action since a first reading Jan. Meanwhile, alimony reform continues to make its way through the Senate as well with SB slated for a hearing this afternoon in the Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal and Civil Justice. It would also be a landmark change to family law in Florida by setting guidelines for judges to calculate alimony based the length of a marriage and incomes.

The Senate Rules committee found favorable SB by a vote of , joining the Judiciary Committee in passing the bill. It has now been placed on the Senate calendar for a second reading. Lee said this about current Florida law regarding child-sharing:. Meanwhile, on another family law front, SB , which would provide judges guidelines for judges to calculate alimony based on the duration of a marriage and the parties incomes was scheduled this week for a hearing with the Judiciary Committee, but the agenda ran long putting it off for another day. April 30th, — In a surprise twist the alimony bill appears at a dead end for The legislative session ends on May 1st and with it any chance of reviving the bill.

Because that bill contained the new custody provision — any change is effectively dead for Because this provision is not contained in the companion bill, it carries little change of surviving the legislative session. After some significant changes to Florida child custody laws a number of years ago, there has been a drop off in legislative success regarding child custody.

We have assembled a quick overview on proposed laws during the last decade, and the resulting success or lack of success. This bill was an attempt to expand the custody and visitation rights of grandparents and great-grandparents in Florida. The Florids Supreme Court struck down previous laws giving grandparents some rights. This law was the latest attempt to reinstate the rights of extended family. Another bill that attempted to establish grandparent visitation rights. The problem with many of these types of laws is that they directly affect established constitutional rights of parents.

One of a multi-year effort to grant visitation rights with children to grandparents on both sides of the family. This landmark legislation was and still is known as the alimony reform bill. A less controversial component, but relatively unknown, was a provision that required judges to begin their thinking with equal parenting time. This one provision would have changed the face of child custody law in Florida. Unfortunately the alimony provision received all the attention and caused the demise of the proposed law.

The first attempt in Florida to create a law that steered judges to grant equal parenting time to both parents. This law, if successful, would have created tremendous amounts of litigation over child custody, and domestic violence issues. Landmark Florida custody law that completely remolded the concepts custody attorneys work with every day.

The law called for elimination of the Primary Residential and Secondary Residential titles. You need to return to the court that issued the last timesharing order and ask for a modification. Once in court you can explain your situation and get a new schedule with the children moving forward. Never married, never went to court for custody or child support. Can I move out of state legally and also not me forced to move back to Fl with child. If I move, what happens if he takes me to court for visitation? Can they make my child move back to fl.

If the father has never been to court for paternity or child support so that there is no court order then the mother has full rights to move where she likes. Over 18 but her beneficiary legally is her younger brother she did it at the time my brother and I were underage if anything were to happen who would get the estates and anything to what she has also my little sister is under 18 she is currently 8 would I be able to have sole custody or would her Your question would be a lot easier to understand if you were to use punctuation and capitalization.

As I understand what you are trying to ask, your mother has written a will leaving her estate to her brother your uncle. If she dies without changing her will, you, your brother, and your You do not say if they are married. Regardless of any action your son takes he should go to court to assert his rights, either through divorce or paternity. Speak to a local attorney who specializes in family law. Can I file anything. She is also put in the middle of arguments with me and her dad by him and You can ask your divorce lawyer to file a motion to reopen the case and re-consider the visitation order.

You will probably need an expert witness to testify to any harm being done to the child by having to stay at her father's house. Im going threw a divorce to a filipina girl came over from Philippines withen less then a year leaves me for another man she is not a usa citizen my son is what can i do to get pro bono help shes trying to have me pay for her lawyer as well an take sole custody of my son i am looking for a pro bono Most lawyers, much like other professionals do not work for free.

If you desire to retain the services of a free or no cost lawyer, I suggest you call Legal Aid in the community in which you reside.

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  • Good luck. The last time she had a Regardless of what the situation is with your ex not having a drivers license you cannot lawfully disobey the existing custody order--unless and until the judge changes it.

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    • So instead of dreaming up all the negative possibilities that might occur if your ex starts driving on her suspended FYI, in Florida, all fathers are legally responsible for the well-being of their own children. That means the child support you pay to your ex-wife is for the benefit of YOUR child only. It also means that any new child support your ex-wife may get from the father of her new child is for the Im going threw a divorce to a filipina girl came over from Philippines withen less then a year leaves me for another man she is not a usa citizen my son.

      What can i do to get pro bono help an or payment plan as i do not make much shes trying to have me pay for her lawyer as well an take sole You need to consult in person with a family lawyer in your area. Find one that offers a free consultation. If you believe that you cannot afford a lawyer then contact the local legal aid office for assistance.

      Following delivery a mother and newborn are both tested and their results show the presence of an illegal substance.

      What can you do when your ex wants to move out of state with your child?

      A mandatory report to DCF, and a safety plan is then put in place for the family and both parents are cooperative in successfully completing all requirements. In this situation, does The key point of your question is the last statement: "during the investigation. While the skilled people at DCF normally do not "gossip" about I have been trying to get custody of my 2 year old niece since July , I have done everything as far as background check, home inspection, drug test and weekly visits. Even though I am her paternal aunt the judge will not grant the motion for her to be moved out of foster care and placed into my You can file a Petition for Modification.

      You must be able to prove a substantial change in circumstances from when the Judge ruled the first time.

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      I have custody of my daughter. She sees her mom every other weekend, but her mother lives 3 hours away. Mom has nothing to do with school. I invite her to plays, conferences, open houses, but she never shows up for anything. Since you have custody this is an issue between you and the school board.