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It explores academically the scientific method, observation, measurement, and other core learning concepts while engaging the student physically, mentally, and emotionally. One letter was written by Jefferson to his daughter Mary from Philadelphia, where he begs her to tell him what is growing during springtime at Monticello:. Alice Waters, local food pioneer, author, chef, and founder of the Edible Schoolyard movement loves to share the stories of Thomas Jefferson and his gardens.

If we let ourselves, we can easily return to this tradition. And what a revolutionary idea: That we can preserve the land by nurturing the vital link between taste, cooking, and gardening! It can be as simple as putting a seed in the ground and watching it grow. We are thrilled at the prospect of friendly pea contests springing up in school gardens across the nation, thanks to encouragement and support from the American Farm Bureau. We hope that with the help of these pea contests there will be more excitement around planting fruits and vegetables in schoolyards across the country.

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Images on www. Lesson plans on www. Fun Facts about Peas. Counting peas clip from the animation in To Try All Things. Plan your own school garden! Get started now! School Garden Ag Mag! Sustainable Agriculture. Food and Farm Facts.

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The Pillars of Agriculture. Heidelberger, Philip Heisig, Stephen J. Hesse, Julia Hetzler, Steven R. Hirzel, Martin J. Joseph, Eric A.

Keohane, Susann Kephart, Jeffrey O. Kraft, Maureen E. Lada, Christopher O.

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Lantz, Mark A. Laredo, Jim A. Franck Lea, Dallas M. Lee, Antonio R.

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Lee, Benjamin G. Ligman, Joseph W. Jalal Mahmud Mahrt, Rainer F. Mondal, Joydeep Montoye, Robert K. Bob Moore, Robert J. Morse, Merry L. Bill Murray, Conal E.

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Ollitrault, Pauline Onak, Krzysztof P. Palmer, Elaine R. Paradkar, Amitkumar M. Philhower, Robert A. Jeremy Rice, Julia E. Risk, William P.

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Rossel, Christophe P. Rouvellou, Isabelle M. Sanchez, John C. Sanchez, Martha I. Schneider, Scott A. Schneider, Stephan Schor, Marshall I.

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Schoudt, Jerald T. Sil, Avirup Silberman, Joel A. Slonim, Noam Smith, Daniel F. Strobelt, Hendrik Stunkel, Craig B. Theis, Thomas N.

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