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The only way to conduct an accurate background check is to go directly through the state. Most times using the state of choice is much cheaper than using a "third party" agency. Many websites offer the "instant" background check, which will search a compilation of databases containing public information for a fee. These "instant" searches originate from a variety of sources, from statewide court and corrections records to law enforcement records which usually stem from county or metro law enforcement offices.

Background Checks

There are also other database-type criminal searches, such as statewide repositories and the national crime file. A commonly used criminal search by employers who outsource is the county criminal search. Employers could use social media as tool to background check an applicant.

An employer could check the applicant's Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to check how the applicant behaves outside of work. Employers may investigate past employment to verify position and salary information.

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More intensive checks can involve interviews with anybody that knew or previously knew the applicant—such as teachers, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family members; however, extensive hearsay investigations in background checks can expose companies to lawsuits. Past employment and personal reference verifications are moving toward standardization with most companies in order to avoid expensive litigation. These usually range from simple verbal confirmations of past employment and timeframe to deeper, such as discussions about performance, activities and accomplishments, and relations with others.

Right to work in the UK

The past experiences and the companies which have provided these experiences are also verified and researched upon to detect frauds. A fraudulent SSN may be indicative of identity theft , insufficient citizenship , or concealment of a "past life". Background screening firms usually perform a Social Security trace to determine where the applicant or employee has lived. The hiring of undocumented workers has become an increasing issue for American businesses since the formation of the Department of Homeland Security and its Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE division, as immigration raids have forced employers to consider including legal working status as part of their background screening process.

With increased concern for right-to-work issues, many outsourcing companies are sprouting in the marketplace to help automate and store Form I-9 documentation.

Can Businesses Conduct Background Checks on Independent Contractors? - Active Screening

Credit checks are done to applicants who are applying to positions who deal with financial records or deal with a lot of money. Pre-employment credit reports do not include a credit score. A pre-employment credit report will show up on an individuals credit report as a "soft inquiry" and do not affect the individual's credit score. Drug tests and credit checks for employment are highly controversial practices. According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a project of the Utility Consumers' Action Network UCAN : "While some people are not concerned about background investigations, others are uncomfortable with the idea of investigators poking around in their personal histories.

In-depth checks could unearth information that is irrelevant, taken out of context, or just plain wrong. A further concern is that the report might include information that is illegal to use for hiring purposes or which comes from questionable sources. In May , allegedly improper post-hire checks conducted by Northwest Airlines were the subject of a civil lawsuit between Northwest and 10, of their mechanics.

In New Zealand , criminal checks have been affected by the Criminal Records Clean Slate Act , which allows individuals to legally conceal "less serious" convictions from their records provided they had been conviction-free for at least seven years. In Michigan , the system of criminal checks has been criticized in a recent case where a shooting suspect was able to pass an FBI check to purchase a shotgun although he had failed the check for a state handgun permit. According to the spokesman of the local police department,. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has criticized the federal policy, which denies constitutional rights based on a criminal check only if the subject has been accused of a crime.

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Freelancers Are Booming, These Are 3 Main Points in Conducting Background Checking

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Today, according to Forbes, millennials prefer freelance jobs because of flexibility and freedom of work, and according to Intuit, gig workers are expected to make up 43 percent of the entire workforce by 2. If these growth trends continue, half of the U. According to economists Lawrence F. Additionally, the repeated cost is unnecessary, the waste of time and resources for both employer and employee will be tangible, and repeated background checks within the current system also incur a heightened risk to the gig-worker giving out personal identifiable information PII like social security numbers or tax IDs.

We believe that the next phase of the verification market will allow the employee package to include a verified identification record, as a substitute for the traditional background check. These policies generally kick-the-can on the background check towards the end of the hiring process. Considering that the gig-economy worker has a higher probability of a criminal record, a verified profile would allow candidates to explain or dispute past issues, adding color to what is currently looked at as a binary decision.

This type of candidate-centric model can be used repeatedly at a much lower cost to everyone.

Background Checks Are Now Common for Temps and Freelancers

They are also more reliable because users will be incentivized to make sure their data is correct, the same way they have an interest in keeping their resume up to date. Taking the ownness of background checks out of the hands of HR teams or expensive vendors, and putting them into the hands of prospective candidates, speeds up the hiring process saves your team time and benefits the bottom line.

It also invites younger talent who are sensitive to data privacy concerns, skeptical of background checks, and who are likely multitasking on different projects. Simply, user-owned verified profiles offer a 21st-century approach to an outdated and burdensome process. The Internet has made it possible for freelancers to find gigs in a variety of fields through specialized job boards, websites, and apps.

If the application process varies this much, you can bet that employment screening processes will vary a lot as well. As I discussed previously, the screening process is more or less standard for traditional full- and part-time roles. When it comes to freelance gigs, however, no such standard exists. That being said, there are a few things freelancers should be aware of when it comes to the screening processes they may face:.

There are two reasons for this. First, criminal background checks cost money. Second, background checks take time, and freelance hires tend to happen pretty quickly.


Background check/credit check

Because criminal background checks are not really a part of the equation for most freelance jobs, your online profiles are going to matter even more than they usually would. A potential client who wants to get a sense of your character and temperament might check your social media profiles and Google your name. Cleaning up your Facebook and Twitter accounts and Googling yourself to see what comes up are good steps to take to help you prepare for these possible checks.

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Another factor that will make a difference is your profile on your job board of choice.